How to End an Essay Effectively

The last words in an essay will leave a lasting impression the reader. If the essay is humorous you can make use of the irony and humor. For more serious essays you should appeal to the reader’s feelings. If you’re writing about the subject of serious concern, appeal to the reader’s emotions as your last words. There are a variety of ways to end an essay effectively. Here are some ideas. These suggestions will help ensure that your essay is a success.

The concluding paragraph of an essay should summarize the main ideas and reiterates the thesis assertion. It should also encourage readers to read the essay again and continue researching the topic. A strong conclusion should not exceed three sentences. However, it could contain a few paragraphs depending on how many body paragraphs are included. Your conclusion should tie up the essay by linking back to it at the start.

When writing your conclusion, make sure you don’t re-use the introduction. Every university instructor has come across a student who has copied their introduction in their conclusion. Repeating the same information several times will waste your words. Instead, finish the essay with the conclusion and not with a repeat of the introduction. Make sure that your conclusion is clear and easy to understand. Don’t make readers believe that you’re repeating your own words.

While the main part of the essay is the most important part of the paper the conclusion is where your effort really comes into play. It should bring together the arguments you made in the body of the essay and rephrase the thesis assertion. When you do this, you should show how your arguments have evolved since the introduction. Braille for instance, changed the treatment of blind people around the world. It opened up new opportunities and changed attitudes towards them.

The introduction paragraph is the easiest part of writing an essay. The conclusion is the most difficult portion of writing an essay. Many students are confused on how to conclude their essay. The conclusion should be catchy and be in line with the rest of your essay’s content. It should sum up the key elements. Your conclusion should be a fitting conclusion to your essay. It should also be brief and summarize the key aspects of your essay.

You should not only include the introduction and body paragraphs but include a thesis statement at the conclusion. So, your readers will remember why you introduced your argument in the first place. A list of ideas is better than an outline. It’s best to end your essay with quotes. Although they can be fascinating but they can also cause confusion in your reader. Therefore, it’s important to read your essay thoroughly before you start writing the conclusion.

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